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Subject: unmarried
Name: Davis
E-mail: [email protected]
I've been unmarried for 41+ years all years of searching for Life partner turned up nothing But last 4 month i
read about a Man of God Pastor Timi Jones who prayed for people and their marital problems solved,sickness was healed.Within 2 weeks of contacting Pastor Timi Jones he prayed for me, a man came and ask my hand in marriage in two weeks all marriage right was paid and now i am pregnant ! What i had failed at for many years,Pastor Timi Jones gave me in a matter of 2 weeks only...
completely out of his kindness in his heart-FREE.In a day and age where nothing is free,I feel the least I can do is try to raise awareness.I really recommend him to those who are sick,unsuccessful business transaction,searching for their life partner,marriage restoration. to contact him with the email :timijones76 at . I
now volunteer to help others get married and heal, and the stories I hear are sometimes tragic, other times heart warming. They are real stories from real people who are unmarried or sick.
Mrs Hilda Davis
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Subject: healing
can't seem to get over my ex and how ended our relationship with no closure. So much heavy sadness.
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Subject: Heal me
I need healing from the ways I hurt women. I need to rebuild a compassionate heart. I misguide others telling them I love them but then I don't have the strength and endurance to stick through loving them. I just use the words that I love them but then I don't really mean it and I play with the hearts of women. I don't have the maturity to sit down with them and tell them the truth instead I run and I keep running from one to the next. I have a cold stone heart. I am quick to get angry and not very patient.
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Subject: False marriage
My cousin is engaged to marry shortly. However, my cousin and his family suffer from mental illness and are abusive, violent, cruel, selfish, evil, and nasty people. They have harmed me and my family as well and no one knows about this, except us. The world believes they are decent and credible people. I pray that the marriage gets called off.
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Subject: Prayer request
Name: Gwen Yuill
E-mail: [email protected]
We gratefully request prayers for the following individuals this day of May 12, 2017.
Suzi Lewis, Ellen Hammond, Ana Nugaris, Tracy, Cindy Billips, Chris Coons, Joan Casey, Wendy Howard, Kim and Larry Hill, Vangie Hill, Richard, Maryhelen, Gwen, Joe.
With gratitude,
~ Sacred Art of Living
Bend, OR
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Subject: Please help me
Name: Anonymous
E-mail: [email protected]
I am from Mumbai but i am in huge financial debt's. I am currently looking for a job in America to earn my living & clear my debts. Can you or a member of your organisation provide me a sponsorship visa to work in your country. I am willing to take up any job. Please help me... Please I am in need of a job
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Subject: Prayers of Protection
Name: Matthew
E-mail: [email protected]
Please pray for protection and vindication for my mother, my spouse, and myself against the conniving and deceitful behavior that has been ongoing with my dad and my older siblings. Please pray that we remain safe and all mental, emotional, physical, and financial areas of our lives kept secure in all ways.

Thank you!
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Subject: help
God bless and guide me. and give me success in my interview. and the embassy officer approve me and my Mother's USA visa. Amen
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Subject: Please Pray for My Mother
Name: Jegatheesan
E-mail: [email protected]
I am jegatheesan from Sivakasi, Tamil nadu India, My mother Maheswari under gone Breast cancer removal surgery on 20.05.2017 morning at I Want Gods grace and your prayers to recover her soon with out any further problem caused by cancer.
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Subject: Prayers for recovery
Name: Teresa Valentine
E-mail: [email protected]
While on a family vacation in Ireland my daughter fell ill and was admitted to University Hospital in Galway. She is the ICU where she spent 14 days in a medically induced coma. She is now awake but still very ill Please prayer for her recovery.
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