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Vatican City - Pope Francis on Sunday decried a deadly attack on a Coptic church in Egypt during Palm Sunday celebrations, just weeks before his planned visit to Cairo.

The pontiff expressed his "deep condolences" to the Coptic patriarch, Tawadros II, calling him "my brother," to the Coptic church and "all of the dear Egyptian nation," and said he was praying for the dead and injured in the attack that occurred just hours earlier as Francis himself was marking Palm Sunday in St. Peter's Square.

Lord, by your Passion and Resurrection you came to set us free from all violence, hatred, war and terrorism. Change all hearts to be more like yours and provide healing and consolation for all victims of terrorism and war. Increase our faith, hope and charity until there is a lasting peace for all mankind.

We adore you, oh Christ, and we praise you for by your cross you have redeemed the world.

Oh blood and water, which gush forth from the heart of Jesus, we trust in you. Amen
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Subject: Mental/Physical Health
Please pray for my dad to regain his mental faculties, as he is suffering from Myasthenia Gravis and the many medications he is on are causing him to be ill-tempered, manipulative, and sometimes scary. Additionally, he should no longer be driving, as he has cataracts that he refuses to have fixed and he drives erratically, even on the wrong side of the road. We don't know how to go about having a mandated driving test given by the DMV without him knowing we reported his dangerous driving. We are worried that he may harm or kill others while he is on the road.

Please pray for my sister, who is undergoing mental challenges, to straighten herself out and make amends for recently publicly betraying our mom for events that occurred 40+ years ago.

Please pray for my mom to remain strong and healthy and able to deal with my dad and that her sanity and happiness is not disrupted due to my dad's issues. May she also be protected from any erratic action that my dad might try to harm her.
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Subject: Pray for my son's exam result
Name: Geetha
E-mail: [email protected]
Kindly pray for my son k.avik gagan raj he is studying in 7th standard, Monday 10.4.2017 his exam results will be announced. Kindly pray earnestly for him to be promoted to 8th standard.
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Subject: pray for my son
Name: joy
E-mail: [email protected]
Please pray the we get our son's name cleared with the FRO case, is is an error grammatically that is causing so much money and emotional pain. Lord I ask your healing hands to be placed on this situation which is affecting us gravely. Thank you very much
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Subject: pray for me to get back my soulmaye
Name: pushpa karthika
E-mail: [email protected]
I am pushpa karthika from india, my colleague ijas meeran, we loved each other and lived as husband and wife, but for past 2 year he hates me as hell without reason, i was in police station to get back him, was in mental hospital because of him, i am begging help to everyone to get back him, i lost my job, trying to suicide many times, my left hand and leg not working well after suicide attempt, but i am trusting god, please pray for me to get back him as my husband with legal marriage relationship
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Subject: Multiple problems
My mother and I started constructing a small house in January. Now the builder has cheated us, taken all our money and run away. This is causing too much stress. My mother already has health problems and I pray that God may grant her good health. I pray that the builder returns 7.5 lakhs and pray that we can complete the building soon.
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Subject: For getting admission into a good college
Name: Abhiudey
E-mail: [email protected]
This would be my last hence of getting into a college. If not this time then never. I need God to help me. I want him to grant a good college to me by his mercy. I just can't tolerate the frustration of being a drop out. I have just worked enough hard for all these yearservices and I can't really go on. Please help me out.
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Subject: blessing for education and financial
Name: devaroslin
E-mail: [email protected]
kindly please pray for my son Ashvinn Ram to concentrate in his studies and score 11 A plus in his final SPM Exam on Nov till Dec 2017. By scoring a good result hopefully he will get scholarship and further his studies since my husband is not affordable . He has a lot of debts to clear too . kindly please pray for his financial. I do not seek a large sum of money. I do not trouble for unneeded comforts or luxury. I only ask for enough money to relieve my financial woes and ease this stress.
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Subject: Pray for health- depression
Please Pray for my grandson, who is 26 years of age. He is depressed and tied. He has contact with a doctor. Pray also for his mother and father too. Pray also for the relationship between me and him. Pray for forgivness and love in the family om the family.
Thank you in advance.
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