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Welcome to our prayer sanctuary. Users are invited to scroll through the prayer requests that have been submitted by other users in our Need a Prayer section. Simply find a prayer request that you would like to honor, say a prayer and click on Prayer Offered. A message will then be generated and sent to the person who had requested the prayer letting them know that their prayer has been honored. You have the option to remain anonymous and to leave a message for the person requesting the prayer.

Subject: for job
Name: shimei
E-mail: [email protected]
please pray for me to get a job
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Subject: Please pray for my suffering mother
Please pray for my mother. she should be healed completely. she is suffering from lupus, She should liver for many many many many many more years. She deserves to live, after our father's death, she has raised us well by overcoming all the difficulties, please help her to live , she has undergone lots of trouble, she should experience happiness in her life. Please forgive if she has committed any sins and let her to live for many more years. Please god, cure her.
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Subject: lot of bad things in life
From the start of this year, I am going through a very rough phase in my life. I keep worrying about the past. Family problems. Death of a loved one. Uncertain about the future. Please pray that all these should get over soon. Special prayers for my younger sister.
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Subject: The Creator's Help..
Name: Cassie
E-mail: [email protected]
I need, the Creator's help. I need for God to protect me from the plans of the enemy. Stop even also when individuals are involved. I need also; blessings favor to be a part of life @ other additional needs.
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Subject: Healing for the family
Please pray for my grandson, who is depressed and tied. Pray for my daughter and me too. Pray that the bloodline curse that is upon our family will disapear.
Pray for forgivness and love in the family
Thank you in advance.
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Subject: Severe mental illness
I am suffering from severe mental illness and thoughts of suicide. Please pray that I will have the strength to survive this ordeal and come out a better person.Thank you.
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Subject: New Employment
Name: Matthew Oakes
E-mail: [email protected]
I am in need of a new employment opportunity ASAP in my related field of Graphic/Web Design.

I got hired 90-days ago in a job (first one that I could even get an interview with) that is really unsatisfying, and not in my degree field of Graphic and Web Design. While I am grateful to have the income that I AM getting, it is far below my worth. I am making only $15/hour and only allowed to work 32.5 hours/week. I did not go to school for 11 years, fighting against Depression and Anxiety, earning 3 Associate Degrees and a Bachelors Degree to get some menial job that is less than $30,000/year and not in my field of interest.

I need prayers to find a GREAT job (not just A job) doing something that I love and for a decent wage that someone with my experience should be earning.
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Subject: HEALTH
Name: Wilhelmina Nix
E-mail: [email protected]
For my mom and dad who are aging in poor health, my brother with terminal throat cancer, my bad habits of tobacco and alcohol, my broken marriage, I need peace and deliverance, guidance stronger faith and hope as I agree in Jesus name Amen
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