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Welcome to our prayer sanctuary. Users are invited to scroll through the prayer requests that have been submitted by other users in our Need a Prayer section. Simply find a prayer request that you would like to honor, say a prayer and click on Prayer Offered. A message will then be generated and sent to the person who had requested the prayer letting them know that their prayer has been honored. You have the option to remain anonymous and to leave a message for the person requesting the prayer.

Name: Olegzix
    Prayer Offered
Subject: Prayer request
Name: Gwen Yuill
E-mail: [email protected]
We gratefully request prayers for the following individuals this day of Mar. 10, 2017:
E. Douglas Johnson, Marlene Simpson, Nancy Pennel, Alayna ross, Sarah Patzel, Joanie rolf, Mona Tara, Mary Kaye, Myra Pruitt, Mancy Pennel, Maryhelen, Suzanne, Dominic, Daniel.
With gratitude,
~ Sacred Art of Living
Bend, OR
    Prayer Offered
Subject: health
Name: katherine
E-mail: [email protected]
Please pray for Doug McCoy who is being operated on today at 1:00 for a pacemaker. Please pray that everything goes well and that it works a 100%. Please also pray for his mother Rosie McCoy that she have inner peace and faith during this time.
    Prayer Offered
Subject: Emergency lord save me
Lord save me have mercy iam a wreck and cannot go in iam too much in trauma. Lord save me.lord make me redundant.
    Prayer Offered
Subject: prayer for healing and restoration
I am a 55 year old woman who was always very active in church and community. In 2014 I had two mini strokes with seemingly no effects. In 2015 after a trip to Alaska with much movement I ended up with Mal De debarquement which makes you feel like you are always on the ocean. Through no fault of my own I now have a visual perception disorder where animals, vehicles, houses etc look computer generated and people look more like dolls. It is all very crushing! I am going through vision therapy in hopes that I can land and get my vision back. I really want my life to go back to normal so I can continue my life as an active member of society.
    Prayer Offered
Subject: Pray for us
Name: Brian
E-mail: [email protected]
May my wife, my children & myself be happy
May my wife, my children & myself be healthy
May my wife, my children & myself be safe
May my wife, my children & myself live with ease
    Prayer Offered
Subject: Spiritual Happiness
Name: Mikael MORON
E-mail: [email protected]
Hello !

Pray for the spiritual happiness of the very erudite Buddhist monk Matthieu RICARD and the Belgian and Jewish star Virginie EFIRA towards the Heaven.
Thank you.
    Prayer Offered
Subject: Faith
I belonged to Christ Jesus but turned my back on Him so is it possible for me to back in to Christ Jesus or am I lost for ever
    Prayer Offered
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