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Subject: Reconciliation
Asking for prayers for my much wounded heart after a lost of an infant at birth and then my husband 3 days before our child was born. I finally had opened my heart to a new man, which was difficult. I did not recognize all my mistakes until much later after i began to heal from my grief. He too is a combat veteran & his own trauma. I felt a special connection to this man and he claimed to love me. I am asking God for answers, for understanding, for reconciliation for healing for he and I. I am asking for prayers every which way. God show me your power and grace. They say all is possible with God. I am asking to see that miracle. I love him and don't get why he hurt me so knowing my background. I was committed to this man knowing he too had gone through a lot. Touch his heart. Let him see my truth, give him patience. Bring us back together.
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