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Subject: unmarried
Name: Davis
E-mail: [email protected]
I've been unmarried for 41+ years all years of searching for Life partner turned up nothing But last 4 month i
read about a Man of God Pastor Timi Jones who prayed for people and their marital problems solved,sickness was healed.Within 2 weeks of contacting Pastor Timi Jones he prayed for me, a man came and ask my hand in marriage in two weeks all marriage right was paid and now i am pregnant ! What i had failed at for many years,Pastor Timi Jones gave me in a matter of 2 weeks only...
completely out of his kindness in his heart-FREE.In a day and age where nothing is free,I feel the least I can do is try to raise awareness.I really recommend him to those who are sick,unsuccessful business transaction,searching for their life partner,marriage restoration. to contact him with the email :timijones76 at . I
now volunteer to help others get married and heal, and the stories I hear are sometimes tragic, other times heart warming. They are real stories from real people who are unmarried or sick.
Mrs Hilda Davis
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