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Subject: Prayer for success in reaching and helping others
I’m a 30 year Bible scholar, Bibliologian, Theologian and Author. I have written 3 books covering all the biblical and religious studies I’ve learned over the past 30 years. I have found the solutions to the world’s problems – the ones all of us face every day – based on God’s unchangeable truth, and want to share this valuable information with others who are interested in bettering their lives.

I am asking for prayers and help from others to reach all those hurting people who need the message of hope and the real life strategies that I have discovered and have proved they work to make lasting changes and provide the healing in people’s lives.

These are the prayers I’m asking for:
> Will you prayerfully take an extraordinary step of faith into what God wants to do for all of us, by ordering the books you know your loved ones need for healing and for yourself? (Available at TenacityDandP dot com) Will you please help me reach others with this message of hope I have?

> I am dedicated to the mission of transforming lives through teaching God’s unchangeable truth to bring about the greatest reform and revival this world has ever seen. Please pray for the reform & revival our world needs. I am also asking for prayers that pastors, leaders and radio and TV show hosts will want to help.

> Please also pray that people want to be healed through the information in the books God inspired me to write for their benefit. The books God inspired me to write give people a chance to get their prayers and questions answered and get their needs met. Please help the people who really do believe the Bible, and help them get their prayers answered.

> Please pray for my success to reach all of God’s people - including leaders - that God will open the eyes, ears & hearts of pastors, ministry professionals & university, college & seminary owners & leaders to accept the teachings God & the Holy Spirit has taught me. My passionate, driving desire is to reach, teach and heal the lives of as many people as possible. Please pray for my success in doing that.

> Please pray that I am successful in getting two (2) of my books, “All About Israel, The Bible & Religion From God’s Perspective,” and “Why Evil Exists & How To Stop It” to be required reading in all Universities, Colleges, Seminaries & Bible Schools.

Our newly elected president, says he wants to make America great again, but he can’t do that by himself. He needs every single one of us to help by transforming our own attitudes, habits and behaviors to return us to the moral character this nation was originally founded on.

Thank you for your prayers. Many blessings to all who pray for my success to reach God’s people.
Mel C.
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