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For help in my dental profession, especially one denture/overdenture case that has been taking really long and the patient is unhappy to be finished and right the next time this week, and another patient I have to retake impressions on for the third time, for it to be right this time and for her to not be too upset. For me to discern if I should quit and find a new position or even quit practicing. For help with my finances, I owe over $300,000 in student loans, credit cards, taxes (which I owe next week), and money I owe to my parents, for me to get out of debt and be at peace, for me to get married very soon to the right man if that is God's will, for me to be happy, stay positive, and get in shape and lose weight. For me to stop having a drink or two after work and start trusting in God and turning to him instead. For me to become a saint and go to heaven. For my dental and medical, emotional/spiritual health. For my family and all my other intentions. For My Mom's friend's husband Ed H. who just found out he has cancer to be cured. Thanks be to God through Our Lady's intercession!
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