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Subject: prayer for my son Andre
Name: Ina
E-mail: [email protected]
My son Andre is 40 years. Happily married with 2 beautiful kids. He commit himself to a motorbike club. Put on a lot of tattoos, starts swearing and drinking alcohol and smoking a pipe. Never does that before. He is in an relationship with another woman but he doesn't know that we are aware of it. Neither is his wife. She is crying for him. Now he wants to move out to his father who is in stage 4 of cancer to look after him. He says he doesn't know if he will get back to his wife. But as today he never tells me anything. He turned his back on God - or this is how it looks like. He is not going to church with his family. He is such a bold person who stand up for God and he bought a lot of books regarding God Almighty. Now it seems that he decided to enjoy life. He can see what this did to his own father. Now his father is alone and no one to take care of him. I plead with you. Please pray that he will not leave home. Please pray that his marriage will get stronger and that his wife will put her trust and faith in God. I said to her yesterday we need to see the things in the spirit and God will let it be in the flesh. I pray that the other girl will move far away. She is known as the Black Widow at their motorbike club. She will not be good to my son. My poor daughter in law says she got a lot of pain on her chest. All she does is crying and she cannot afford to neglect her work. His little daughter of 7 wrote him a letter and told him how much they love him and how much they need him. My daughter in law says he cried a lot when reading that letter. Please I pray that the Lord will use his father today to talk to him and that he will turn from his wicked ways. I asked this in the wonderful Name of Jesus Christ our Savior. Please let me know if the Lord shows you anything. May God bless you all abundantly. In Christ Jesus. Amen and Amen
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