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Subject: Healing asked for Nicholas and Julian and Christia
Dear Lord you know are very great need and the needs of the world. We ask in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of the glory of God for an emergency touch of the Holy Spirit. We ask in faith believing called according to the loving purpose of our Lord and only for the will of God. We praise thank worship and need the Lord and submit and surrender our past and present and future in gratitude and trust and service. And we so urgently ask healing for Nicholas and Christian and Julian and Scott and Scottie and Junior and Johnny and all the kids to the glory of God in a mighty breakthrough. We asked families reconciliation to the glory of God in Jesus Christ and we ask and come and finances so that poor Grandpa Eric can retire at last and also support his family and for healing for his wife Cindy to the glory of God in Jesus Christ in him.
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