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Subject: Prayers needed desperately
My daughter need the Lords protection from envious people seeking to bring her back down into the dark work of drugs, she needs motivation self belief and pride so that she may pass her second test and become her dream (hair dresser). SHE NEEDS TO MOVE ON FROM A LIVE IN RECOVERING ADDICT/boyfriend who refuses to work and is not a help in any way for her-I pray the Lord bring her a man she will NOT live in sin with that has substance loves and RESPECTS HER & ENCOURAGES her to go after her dreams so that by work8ng hard together they can within the church by Gods loving blessings marry and form a decent family that through example will bring others their age back to God the church and the Catholic faith.
My 2nd daughter needs God in her life and needs to realize her abusive husband is hindering her and together through negativity in their unit my grandson is hurt most of all.
My third daughter needs God in her life to show her the world is not all evil,the good CAN be found when we have God in our heart to show us the way. She needs to move on with the degreee she earned live her life independently and realize JOE IS HOLDING HER BACK from her dream. I pray the work together to build a future IF GOD BELIEVES IT IS THE RIGHT PATH FOR HER.
I pray my brother sees the relationship he is in is toxic and his own self worth brings him to negative relationships- these are his choices and no one else’s fault.
I pray that my ailing mother live in peace and slowly begins to except that my father (her husband of 55 yrs) is not gone but rather waiting lovingly by Gods side until they can be together again. I pray she lives what time she has left enjoying our small family and that we grow closer to one another and God more and more -together- each day.
My husband was hurt and has been ailing for almost two years -work fights him for benefits rightfully his after years and years of service- he is feeling lost and scared that all we have scraped and sacrificed for will be lost. Please Lord bring him/us the financial stability we desperately need - WE DO NOT SEEK RICHES OVER THE TOP OR MONIES TO BE EXTRAVAGANT OR SHOWY—we simply seek to live comfortably paying our bills and not losing what we have worked so hard for.
For myself Lord as usual I place myself last...and this is family IS MY me become stronger in your image in your church in your word so that I can like a Shepard bring a lost lamb back within your loving arms. Help me be kinder wiser stronger as a woman mother child and human being. Help me realize right from wrong before my lips error or my heart darkens-stay with me and guild me through life’s trials and tribulations-help me become more like you and the blessed mother who I ADOR AND LOVE WITH ALL I AM. If you see it right please help me make a decent living as a realtor- I do not seek riches Lord just comfort. I have been in real estate over 8 years and have spent more that whaat I have earned in advertising alone because I refuse to lie or to cheat ANYONE. SO MANY CO-WORKS DO WHATEVER IT TAKES (including stabbing me in the back and taking the clients I should rightfully get from me) to make the dollar the wrongfully honor- they make well 8nto the 60-70-80 and even millions I DONT WANT THIS LORD IF ITS NOT YOUR WILL I WANT WHAT I WORK FOR I’ll be happy earning what I need to keep my license pay my dues and continuing education points needed annually and making 30,000 to live it’s about what I could make at a fast food place like McDonald’s but with my health issues working from home in real estate is the best option for me. I am not greedy lord as you see I believe greed is a sin but I am discouraged and feeling more lost everyday feeling as if I’m swimming against the tide.

Thank you for all you have blessed me with I except the good and bad as your will.
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