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The mission of (IPT) is to change the world, one prayer at a time. It is an online prayer sanctuary and encourages unity and peace among all peoples, nations and races. It promotes mercy and compassion and strengthens faith, hope and charity by promoting the use of the power of prayer for the good of others. It encourages the expression of love, compassion, mercy, thanksgiving and joy by inviting all to become part of a global prayer family. Many forms of prayer are shared through its interactive format such as prayers of petition, thanksgiving, praise, intercession and prayers of the heart. It promotes interfaith dialogue and religious tolerance by affirming the right to freedom of belief for all peoples. It provides a free inspirational platform for compassionate listening, prayerful communication of felt needs and major concerns on an individual and group level.

IPT is committed to promoting holiness and goodness by helping others express and share the power of prayer in their lives with others. A mutual exchange of prayerful energy is encouraged to help create an atmosphere of support and caring. IPT ‘s common goals and assumptions include but are not limited to:

  1. IPT recognizes that each person is a child of God who should be respected ,nurtured and loved. All our actions should be motivated by love and express heartfelt concern for others. It is the power of love that accomplishes all things.
  2. IPT recognizes every person's right to the gift of life and encourages life-giving behaviors such as prayerful concern and healing love.
  3. IPT prayer is a gift and a mutual resource,which can be used to express prayerful love and concern for others.
  4. IPT believes every moment is full of grace and an opportunity to do good by helping others. IPT recognizes the present moment as sacred.
  5. IPT promotes living in the divine presence of our Creator who we seek to know, love and serve. Our service encompasses people of many faith expressions and is an expression of our love of God and neighbor. Although there are many expressions and belief systems we are all united as brothers and sisters as God’s family.
  6. IPT is an outreach of hope founded on the faith in the inherent goodnessof mankind and the power of prayer to establish peace and healing.
  7. IPT seeks to establish world peace and unity by promoting the fundamental dignity of each person and seeking to establish prayerful dialogue among peoples and nations.
  8. IPT seeks to do little things with great love and conquer evil with good.
  9. IPT promotes living a positive intentional life with prayer as its primary resource. It encourages heartfelt prayer and concern for others. It encourages social consciousness, justice and accountability and encourages those it serves to act with responsibility toward our environment and one another.
  10. IPT is founded on the use and promotion of such spiritual gifts as faith, hope and love and encourages the expression of compassion, empathetic listening, loving speech, gratitude, healing prayer, positive action, praise and thanksgiving.
  11. IPT respects all religions and faiths and seeks to affirm others by uniting in prayer and witnessing to the Divine presence within us.
  12. IPT seeks to promote renewal and positive growth and healing of those it serves. It hopes to actualize the prayer potential of others and create an environment for the power of prayer and its healing energy to be explored and used for the common good.
  13. Specifically IPT serves the little ones of God, the sick, the poor, the dying, those who have no one to pray for them and all those in need of God’s mercy.

IPT as a private prayer sanctuary extends to you a sacred place to journey in God, explore the potential of prayer in your life and become part of the IPT spiritual family. With open hearts and open minds, may we move forward in a unified way to explore the gift of prayer, which God has given to us. Its potential is limitless, overflowing with generosity; it is sacred and simple, loving and good and touches all hearts with God’s presence. IPT believes that intentionally focused prayer when shared increases in strength and power and becomes a source of light and healing for others. Let us give the gift we have received; namely, to know, love and serve God by knowing, loving and serving our neighbor.

We thank all those who have made this prayer outreach possible, especially the Lord Jesus Christ, family and friends, and those who have provided technical and prayer support. We hold, as a sacred trust, all your prayer requests and intentions. We look forward to serving you and praying with you. Together, let us build an interfaith prayer sanctuary founded on the Divine among us and commitment to the common good. May we help each other on our journey into the sacred and be a blessing to all.

Your Voice, Heard!  
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