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We are collecting data that will showcase the power of prayer.  If you have any stories that you would like to share with us, please send an email to [email protected]I am sure that you are here looking for wonderful testimonials.  Let me tell you that we are seeing some wonderful things happening through the power of prayer that is generated from this website.  It is truly amazing.  The truth of the matter is that I operate this website on my own and don't have nearly enough time to post all correspondence.  I seem to get myself stuck in the The Prayer Sanctuary�area of the site on most days.  There are so many people in desperate need of prayer that I just can't seem to pass them up. 

 In time, my goal is to more formally showcase the power of prayer. 

 Be Well,


 **I want to thank all of you great prayer warriors for praying for Richard R.  He had back surgery yesterday to remove wires from his spine.  The Lord performed a miracle.   Blessed be HIS NAME!!!  The surgery took 3 hrs. and he came through in flying colors.  Other Drs. told he and his wife they wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole.  But this specialist was willing to try and give him a better life.  We all are so thankful to our dear Lord and Saviour for answering our prayers. Richard is all smiles and so happy after many years of suffering with tremendous, constant back pain.  Thank you all for your support and  your faithful prayers.  I pray for everyone of you that have entered a prayer request.  I'm happy to have discovered I Pray Today.  It's a blessing in my life.  Thanks be to God. Marge 


**My wife wrote in with a prayer request that you picked as a prayer request for the day. It stated that I had been searching for a job (5 months) and was giving up on my faith.  After having the prayer request posted, we received many responses of encouragement.  Last Friday, I was offered a teaching position at a wonderful school.  Thank you all for the support and prayers.


**Thank you so much for your prayers. I have nothing to offer you but my prayer of thanks to all of you. I have felt so peaceful the past few days and I know that God is with us and guiding us. Please continue praying for me and my son too. May the light of God shine upon all you and be with you always. Your sister in Christ, Mary


**Dear Saints of GOD, I wish to thank you for your prayers and concern about my state employer’s disability case. I am praising GOD and thanking HIM for you, HIS prayer warriors, who prayed so diligently for me. I know that without these prayers and GOD’s intervention into the case my success in receiving the approval would not have come so soon nor without any problems. The approval was made on September 9, 2009 and I received notice of approval by September 11, 2009. PRAISE OUR MIGHTY GOD FOR HIS LOVING WAYS!

I now must fill out the final forms, and complete them and have them filed by October 1, 2009 with the State of West Virginia. But the most difficult part was completed with GOD and your help through prayer for me and my family. Thank you so much for your prayers, and thank GOD for having so wonderful an army of prayer warriors.

GOD bless, and thank each and everyone of you for your prayers,  Rev. M R., a bondservant of my Mighty GOD and my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.


 **I found this site when looking for an article about my friend and saw that you have posted the story and have asked for prayer for him. He is Phillip Smith who was in the motorcycle accident this past week. I just want to give you an update and show you that these prayers do work! When he got to the hospital Wed night he a 5% chance of surviving. My husband and I went to visit him yesterday and he know has a 50% chance of surviving. I know that is all because of prayer. 

When I read all these prayers from complete strangers it really touched my heart. Thank you so much for this site and please continue to pray for Phil. He has a long road ahead of him. He is in a drug induced coma and has many injuries that need to heal. I will keep you updated if you like. Thanks again, Betsy

*God Thank you for your prayers. The cancer has not spread. Biopsy was negative.
Praise God   By His Stripes I am Healed.

**I just wanted to thank the ones that prayed for my son last week and to share my answer to prayers. My son came home last weekend, sobered up, and is back at work this week after his drinking binge and running from his problems,and depression. I pray he will allow God to lead him in his daily journey. Thank all who prayed for my son. May God bless you all. Praise be to God for his goodness to us all!


**A few weeks ago I sent you a prayer request asking for the jurisdiction of my stepdaughter's son's custody hearing to be in WA and not PA.  On Friday she received a letter saying that PA was giving up the quest for jursidiction and made WA the child's home state.  This means that she will NOT have to travel to PA and also get an attorney their.  The way it was looking it was going to be PA but God provided a miracle.  THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR PRAYERS, THEY REALLY DO WORK.


J Daniels



**Thanks for your beautiful prayer, our family is desperate for something good to happen, to top it all off we were victim of an email scam. We will be going to court today. God bless your for your help, it worked . DBarragan R


**Subject: Praise report!

Thank God and all of the saints that lifted Barbara Nichols up in prayer. She is 74 yrs old, fell off of a step ladder last week and the doctors said that she was paralyzed from the neck down.  I received a call on Sunday morning informing me that she now has some feeling in her feet.  We continue to thank God, what a mighty God we serve. Thank you all for your prayers.



**Thank you from the bottom of my heart, to all those who have honored my prayer.  You will always be remembered in my prayers.  We have experienced a miracle.



**it was just about a 1/2 hr ago that I found your site and requested prayer nad it has gotten better the stuation with my son he came to some conclusions, positive ones  I want to praise my lord god and thank himand I just cant find strong enough words for my gratefulness or feeling about this,  Bless you all bless the site that it was made found for me. praise god I love you jesus.   thank- you all and be blessed with his love.  I know the battle is not won because it will always be a battle against satan but by gods grace and mersy and your prayers and help I believe he can do it .  I will be back to this site. I cant express how I feel and Im sorry if this sounds like rambling.... glory to god in the highest




**Thank You so very much.  God works in so many ways for us thru others.  God Bless you and your prayers that have worked!


Francine R.






I'm so happy to find a prayer site that doesn't promote one religion to the exclusion of all others.  While I think Jesus is wonderful, nobody's problems will remain unsolved if they don't take him as their savior.  Unfortunately, the volunteers at one prayer site write me prayers that the people I want helped become born-again Christians as that is "the only way" they will be helped. You and I both know God isn't that petty and there are many paths to the truth, and as many ways that God answers our needs.  I'm delighted that I can ask for prayers from people who also accept the universality of God.




**Thank you so much for your email.  I don't know what you were watching, it must have been a re-run-because I'm actually on medical leave already for my pregnancy.  Thank you for keeping my in your prayers all this time. To bring you up to date, our first attempt at IVF back in March was not successful, but we tried again in late June.. and low and behold, our prayers were answered three times over.... I am pregnant with triplet! Hence, why I am on medical leave already so I can "gestate" my last three months or so.  I'm hoping to carry the babies to 35 weeks, which is more than the average 32 weeks that triplets are born.. we're aiming high!  So our due date is early February.  Thank you so much again for your thoughs and prayers... I do believe God has a hand in everything and hears every thing we hope for.  I feel so blessed that He not only heard, but also answered




Teen with upside-down feet takes first steps

Flipino girl was born with severely clubbed feet, came to U.S. for surgery

NEW YORK - A Filipino teenager who came to New York so doctors could perform surgery to untwist her severely clubbed feet took her first unaided steps Wednesday in pink and white sneakers â€â€� the first shoes she has ever worn.

"I'm very happy," Jingle Luis said with a smile. "It was exciting."

The 15-year-old girl arrived at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx in May with her mother for surgery and follow-up treatment.

Jingle Luis, a 15-year-old girl from the Philippines who was born with severely clubbed feet, takes her first steps in her first pair of shoes with the help of Dr. Terry Amaral at New York's Montefiore Medical Center.

She had never been able to walk on her own because she was born with feet so clubbed they twisted backward and upside down, forcing her to hobble on the tops of her feet with the help of crutches.

On Wednesday, doctors took off her post-surgical casts and replaced them with special support braces.

Then came the moment for which she had waited a lifetime: She slipped her feet into her first real footwear and took several full, long strides.

The surgery, which the hospital performed for free, involved inserting screws into the bones of her feet and turning them bit by bit to straighten them out.

When the pins were taken out, the feet were straight, but casts were put on for several weeks to keep them that way.

Dr. Terry Amaral, her surgeon, expects Jingle to wear the braces for about a year.

Jingle's mother was beaming.

"This is a miracle. I am very thankful to God," said Jasmine Luis, who makes a living selling fish door to door. Jingle's father is a corn farmer.

Jingle's case came to the attention of Montefiore after a staff physician traveled there in 2003 with a Christian relief mission.

Her disability was more severe than anything doctors in industrialized countries usually see.


Wife Improving After Soldier Husband Killed In Crash
A woman is now in good condition at U.K. Hospital, five days after she was hurt in the wreck that killed her husband.

Tenisha Duncan was a passenger in the couple's Volvo when it ran off Kentucky 11 in Fleming County last Wednesday.

Her husband, Joe Duncan, a member of the Kentucky National Guard, died at the scene.

Police say he may have swerved to miss hitting an animal. Joe Duncan's father says his son joined the guard a year ago and just finished his first tour of duty in Iraq.


Utah couple survives snowbound for 11 days

Plow driver finds them trying to walk to safety in light coats

CEDAR CITY, Utah - A couple trapped for 11 days in heavy snow was rescued Wednesday when a snowplow driver clearing a remote canyon road found them attempting a desperate hike to safety.

Thomas and Tamitha Garner left their stranded pickup truck Monday after their food ran out, and survived the overnight cold by starting fires with matches and a can of carburetor cleaner, Iron County Sheriff Mark Gower said.

The couple had hiked 15 to 20 miles by the time the snowplow driver found them about 60 miles west of Cedar City in southwestern Utah. Gower said the couple were dressed in jeans and light coats.

"They look tired and exhausted, but considering the circumstances, look incredibly well," said Ethan Shumway, spokesman for Valley View Medical Center in Cedar City, where the couple was taken.

Doctors checked the couple for dehydration and possible frostbite, but things look good, Gower said.

"As far as we can tell right now, they'll have no permanent injuries,"

The Garners' dog, a Basenji mix named Medusa, also made it out and was in "great shape," Gower said.

A kiss, then 'a piece of our mind'
Family members said they were ecstatic to hear of the rescue.

"We're gonna kiss them and caress them and then give them a piece of our mind," said Gerald Garner, Thomas' father, on his way out the door to see the couple.

The couple were on a trip to photograph wild horses. They had been last seen Jan. 26 at a gas station the eastern Nevada town of Panaca. They had left their home in Kearns two days before and relatives called when they hadn't heard from them.

The search began on Jan. 28 and spread over thousands of miles along the Utah-Nevada state line with no sign of the couple. The area has been blanketed with several feet of snow and some parts were accessible only by snowmobile.

When the Garners ran out of food, they started walking out of Modena Canyon, and eventually came across the snow plow driver near the Iron-Beaver county line.

A rescuer involved in the search died Sunday. Authorities believed he may have been exhausted after having to dig his snowmobile out of deep mountain snow on Saturday.

5-Year-Old Boy Abducted From Austin Found Unharmed

AUSTIN-The search for a 5-year-old Austin boy came to a happy conclusion Thursday night. Austin Police said they found little Adrian Jaimes... unharmed.

Three Hispanic men grabbed the boy from his family's SUV Thursday morning as they were getting ready to pull out of their driveway. The kidnappers then sped off in a grey Volkswagen Jetta.

Police have not released any information about the suspects whereabouts.

After unusual stem cell transplant,Coppell toddler comes home from hospital

Caden Ledbetter's stem cell transplant in December was a test of modern medicine.

The six weeks of blood transfusions, fevers and fits that followed, all in an isolated hospital room, was a test of the Coppell toddler's spirit. In the latter battle, Caden came out a winner Monday. Doctors released the 2-year-old from Medical City Dallas Hospital, where he spent nearly two months in treatment for neuroblastoma, which is a fast-growing cancer of the nervous system.

The centerpiece of Caden's care was an unusual transplant, in which stem cells taken from his own umbilical cord at birth were pumped back into his body Dec. 28.

It's unclear whether Caden will get his health back, but his freedom returned Monday.

Wearing a surgical mask and a look of trepidation, Caden walked through the hospital lobby Monday afternoon with a teddy bear in his hand. Caden's parents and doctor cheered as the boy broke through a set of streamers that nurses had taped up at the hospital doors.

"He's been here for so long," said Robin McCune, a pediatric nurse. Without Caden, "it will be an adjustment. Everybody just adores him."

Caden's transplant appears to have been a success. Doctors wiped out his cancerous cells with chemotherapy and replaced them with his prenatal stem cells, which grew and rebuilt most of Caden's immune system.

The question is whether Caden's new cells will develop cancer, as his old ones did. An answer could take years.

"It's just the uncertainty of the future that gets a little bit scary," said Caden's mother, Lexie Ledbetter. "You've got to stay with today and say, 'Yay, we're going home' and see what happens then."

Neuroblastoma had spread to Caden's bones, liver and bone marrow by the time his mother discovered a lump on his head last summer.

Donors usually supply cord blood for stem-cell transplants, but Caden's parents paid to save his own on a whim.

The stem-cell transplant using one's own cord blood is so unheard of that experts disagree on the long-term benefits of using it to treat cancer.

Dr. Joel Weinthal, a Texas Oncology physician who is treating Caden, says it's the boy's best shot against a deadly disease that comes back about half the time.

"We're not talking about his being cured of his neuroblastoma right now," said Dr. Weinthal. "It's certainly a very positive thing that he gets to go home from the hospital, but he has a long road ahead of him."

The first stop Monday was the family home in Coppell, which looked ready for a new baby more than a recovering hospital patient.

Balloons and welcome-home signs waited in the front yard, and Caden's beaming grandparents stood at the door.

"I went to work today, but I couldn't do much of anything," said Mary Collins, Caden's maternal grandmother. "I couldn't even eat lunch."

Caden's 5-year-old twin brothers, Joshua and Zachary, raced out the front door when they saw the family's black sport utility vehicle pull up.

"Part of it is they miss him, and part is they really want his toys," Mrs. Ledbetter said, laughing.

It was business as usual when the three boys got inside – singing karaoke, playing with their trucks and watching a video of Caden's favorite singing group, the Wiggles.

Mrs. Ledbetter and her husband, John, equipped the family home with air purifiers, a new heating and air-conditioning system and dust-free air ducts – all to protect Caden's fragile immune system.

There will be almost daily doctor visits, as Caden continues special radiation treatments for cancer.

His parents are as realistic as the doctors about Caden's health. On Monday, they were reassured by his renewed spirits.

At the hospital, "he didn't talk and everything was 'No, don't touch me,' " Mrs. Ledbetter said. "Now we're almost back to the Caden that we know."

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