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April 26, 2011, 3:39 pm

Eric LeGrand, 20-Years-Old, Paralyzed

Rutgers, New Jersey - Eric LeGrand was injured while making a tackle in the fourth quarter of a game against Army on October 16, 2010. Now paralyzed from the neck down and equipped with a wheelchair, Eric carries on each day with rehabilitation appointments with mindful intentions. Eric believes that, in time, he will walk and play football again. Eric remains grateful and positive for each and everyday, and for the opportunities that this injury has lent him. Today we ask the Lord to continue to provide Eric with patience and perseverance during this this healing. Send him who and what he needs to make a complete recovery according to Your perfect will.

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April 22, 2011, 5:32 pm

Charles Manker, 46 Years-Old, Critical

Bluffton - Charles is in critical condition at Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah after he ran off the right side of the highway. His truck sideswiped a guardrail, rolled several times and stuck several trees. We ask that you pray for Charles healing according to His perfect will.

May the Lord bless Charles and all of you during this very Holy time.

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April 19, 2011, 3:10 pm

Evan Salerno, 23 Month-Old

Onslow County, NC - After the forceful tornado destroyed homes in Camp Lejeune, toddler Evan Salerno was left with a cracked pelvis, collapsed lung and many other injuries. His mother suffered a broken jaw and other injuries as well.

This is one of the many families who lost everything the natural disasters which plaque our earth each day. May the Lord send the Salerno family who and what they need during this difficult time. God Bless.

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April 14, 2011, 6:48 pm

Millions Face Hunger in Niger

Niger - The drought in Niger is an unfolding catastrophe for millions of people. World Relief Agencies are struggling against time to scale up their relief efforts for the escalating number of hungry. There is an urgent need for nutritional help for children under two years of age, whose brains and bodies face permanent damage from acute malnutrition.

Niger and other parts of the "Sahel" region of West Africa, which includes Chad, Mali, Mauritanaia, parts of Burkina Faso and northern Nigeria, need a surge in humanitarian response. A relief worker shares: "People have no way to survive without their livestock. Their future is dying with the animals. They have to start a new life but, without rain, it will be difficult."

Lord, help us to be a sign of hope for all people suffering from hunger and starvation. Hear our prayers for the countries suffering from hunger and the relief agencies that are trying to make a difference. Lord, come to their aid. In your Mercy remember the little ones of Christ the sick, the poor, the dying, the forgotten and all those in most need of your mercy.

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April 12, 2011, 7:47 pm

A Mother's Tears

scottsdale, AZ - God reverences a Mother's tears. Who would turn away from a Mother's tears for her missing child, or her addicted son or a recently deceased loved one? How many tears have been shed because of natural disasters, unexpected crisis and untimely deaths or an unwanted catastrophic illness? The history of families of all ages from every nation is ladened with the angelic prayer of a Mother's tears of love, compassion, despair, abandonment, forgiveness, hope and pleading.

We pray for all those who weep this day for their own private intentions deep in the recesses of thier soul. May they know they are not alone in their grief and sorrow. Let each of us carry in our hearts the tears of others as we pray in solidarity for their loss, their pain and for their untold stories too numerous to mention.

Know that we weep with you in the presence of God and stand with you as your brother or sister that your pain might lessen and break into hope as the healing power of God overshadows you. Know your tears have eternal consequences and not one is lost for God hears our prayer of tears in this life and the next. Heaven opens, saints faint and angels sigh for those who offer their prayer of tears this day.

Our Lady of Sorrows pray for us and be our consolation and guide as we journey in God together. (Please add your own intentions)

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April 9, 2011, 1:36 am

Mr X, Age 44, Salina, New York

Salina, NY -- A man who dove from a bridge over Interstate 81 in Salina Wednesday night remains in critical condition this afternoon at Upstate University Medical Center, state police said. State police are not releasing the 44-year-old mans name, Trooper Jim Simpson said, citing state police policy regarding suicides.

The incident started with a domestic dispute at the mans Clay home, Simpson said. The mans wife called state police and troopers were able to contact the mans cell phone, and in doing that, locate the man on a bridge in Salina over I-81, Simpson said.

When troopers arrived at the bridge, the man was on a concrete barrier on the south side of the bridge over the northbound lanes of the highway. Trooper Mark Bender attempted to talk the man down and troopers shut down traffic in both directions of Interstate 81.

After we closed the northbound and southbound lanes, he dove off, Simpson said. We have reason to believe he was under the influence of prescription drugs, Simpson said.

Lord, we lift up all souls this day who are despairing and have reached a critical point in their lives. Lord, send them the counsel and help they need to choose life in you as their way to healing, peace and new life. Remove all barriers that cause division and violence. Come to the aid of all the sorrowing and disturbed. Be their hope and consolation espeically in their time of need.

Help us to be instruments of your Mercy and love to all those we meet this day, especially the nameless faceless victims of abuse, addictions and violence often overlooked in our society. Help them to claim their sacred dignity as a Child of God in this world and the next.

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April 6, 2011, 12:42 am

National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Washington, DC - We share a life-long passion and concern for children and families as we recognize this Presidential Proclamation. President Obama expresses the hopes and dreams of all families everywhere to live in peace and security, free from harm and neglect, not only in this country but world-wide. We thank President and Mrs. Obama for all the work they have done to make this Proclamation a reality. We encourage everyone to add their life-giving support and prayers to the future of our children.

"Our Nation's children are our hope for the future, and caring for them is one of our greatest responsibilities. During National Child Abuse Prevention Month, we renew our commitment to preventing child abuse and neglect by promoting healthy families, protecting children, and supporting communities throughout our Nation.

Although a strong family unit is the best deterrent to child abuse, effectively intervening in the lives of children threatened by abuse is a shared responsibility. Strengthening the bonds within families requires community members and leaders to partner with parents. From schools to local social service agencies, we can work together to protect the well‑being of our children by recognizing the signs of violence and creating safe, stable, and nurturing environments that safeguard the promise of their futures.

My Administration will continue to reinforce initiatives that enhance the efforts of child protective service agencies to prevent and treat child abuse. Last December, I was pleased to sign into law the CAPTA (Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment) Reauthorization Act of 2010, giving States and local authorities new tools to identify and address abuse and neglect. This Act will also bolster prevention efforts by addressing risk factors for mistreatment like substance abuse, mental illness, and domestic violence. We are also supporting programs that expand coordination of early childhood services in order to improve outcomes for young children.

As a Nation, we must continue our work to ensure all children have the ability to live free from abuse and neglect by advocating for the safety of all young people. For more information about what families and communities can do to overcome this devastating problem, concerned Americans can visit:"

- President Obama

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April 1, 2011, 6:25 pm

Reginald Caulker

England - Following is a prayer from Victoria in England about her brother Reginald's immigration problem:

"I have been fighting a battle with Immigration since 2007/2008 for my brother, Reginald Caulker, who presently lives in Sierra Leone, Africa. After a lot of prayers, Reginald was allowed to enter England in December 2009 and he has been undergoing some learning development and training for his special needs. We put in an application for him to be able to stay in England as all the family are here. Yet he has been refused. Please pray for him as the case is being looked into so that Reginald does not go back to Africa. There is no family back home in Africa for him to go back to. I believe that the God, who brought him here, will keep him here. Please pray for him and our family."

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