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February 28, 2013, 11:28 pm

Pope Benedict XVI Retires

Vatican City - We send our prayers and gratitude to Pope Benedict XVI as he leaves the papal office to live a more secluded life.
He has assured everyone of his prayers and service as he continues on his journey in God for the sake of the Church and all souls.

Let us pray for Pope Benedict on this historic occasion and ask the Lord to continue to bless him as our Holy Father emeritus. Lord, inspire the conclave of Cardinals with your Holy Spirit as the deliberate upon who the next Pope will be. Divine assistance remain always with them and may your Divine Providence guide and encourage all leaders in the Church at this time.

We are forever grateful to Pope Benedict for his guidance and leadership and ask his prayers for all the faithful as he enters a new chapter in his life in God.

Eternal blessings and grace be upon him and all the faithful. Through the intercession of our Holy Mother Mary and all the saints, we ask this in Jesus' name. Amen

Love in the Risen Lord,

On behalf of all 6000 intercessors of the Web Family and Prayer Team

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February 26, 2013, 9:54 pm

Hailey Dunn, Age 15, Colorado, TX

Colorado, Texas - Every five minutes a child goes missing. Please join us as we pray for all missing children, especially Hailey Dunn. Haily is 5ft 1, weighs approx 120 lbs, has light brown hair and green eyes.

Please check the National website for Missing Children at for children missing in your area. If you have any information call 1-800-843-5678. Our children are our most precious gift from God, please help protect children everywhere through your prayers and vigilance.

The National Center for Missing Children website includes pictures and physical descriptions. For example in Arizona 4 children were listed missing in January of this year. Remember these children in your prayers as well and pray for their safe return:

Estella Lovemore, age one went missing from Marana, AZ on January 27. Baby Estella has fine red hair.

Mckayla Dawn McCormick is appromiately 13 and has brunette hair and brown eyes. She has been missing from Phoenix, AZ since January 9th.

Melissa Ann Royer, approximately 8 years old has blond hair, blue eyes and wears glasses. She has been missing from Mesa, AZ since January 8th.

Lord, we pray for all missing children and their families. Help those who search for them; inspire them with courage and wisdom so that they may be instrumental in the return of their loved ones.

Lord, we pray for all those who victimize children in anyway. May they receive the help they need to be converted and changed according to your divine plan for them. Lord, return our children home. Through your Holy Spirit bring an end to the abuse and trafficking of all children! We ask all this in Jesus' name. Amen

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February 22, 2013, 8:05 pm

Asimara, Age 3, South Kordofan

Nuba Mountain Region in the Sudan - Asimara, age 3 and her family, along with 63,000 people in Southern Kordofan, face attacks each day from their own government.

Daily bombings have made farming and normal living impossible. Thousands hide in caves and the lucky ones live in Yida at a refugee camp.
Young and old alike are terrorized by their own government. Where is mercy? What has happened to their way of life as peaceful farmers?

The Sudan people have lived in the shadow of drought and starvation for many years. The attacks by their own government have left the people bewildered and in shock. Many wander without hope!

Lord, protect your little ones, the poorest of the poor, struggling to live. Hasten your intervention and deliverance. Change the hearts of those responsible for this atrocity. Convert their minds and hearts so that they might see your image in those they hold hostage by their terror. "Forgive them for they know not what they do". O Lord, remember your children of the Nuba Mountains. May your people be born again; let them rise again from their caves and return to their homes. Mulitply your gifts and blessings so that they might survive these crimes against human dignity. Inspire relief organizations with new ways to deliver aid to your dying people.

"Jesus, remember all your poor, the starving, the homeless, the displaced and the marginalized everywhere. Jesus, comfort your people and bring a just peace to a tragic civil war. Amen

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February 18, 2013, 11:45 pm

Dylan Ortiz, Age 1 Month, Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ - During this Flu season, let us pray for all children suffering from the flu, pneumonia or RSV, especially Dylan Ortiz, age one month. Dylan has been been in Phoenix Children's Hospital for three weeks battling pneumonia. The antibiotics are working but Baby Dylan is not eating and seems very tired. Please pray for a full recovery for Dylan and all other children with severe breathing problems.

Lord, we entrust our children into your care and ask you to bless them with your healing touch. Inspire those who attend them with the right protocol so that they might return to full health. We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen

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February 15, 2013, 12:48 am

Peter Glenn, Age 31, Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale, AZ - Are you ready to meet God? How are you preparing for life everlasting? Do we put God first in our lives? Do we love one another? How can we improve in our spiritual life? These are some of the questions that we will encounter during this Lenten Season. Through prayer, fasting and almsgiving we prepare for the celebration of our Lord's resurrection at Easter by our Lenten journey.

The loss of a dear friend or family member at an early age challenges our faith and hope in God. How could this happen? This is what the family and friends of Peter Glenn, age 31 are asking themselves, as they mourn the loss of a young man so full of life and a blessing to so many. Peter spent many years working at a local health club. Everyone liked Peter. He was friendly, helpful and kind. His smile would light-up any task he was doing. Peter was a blessing and continues to live on in our hearts.

What went wrong? How could house-sitting turn into a tragic event? It seems Peter was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He accidentially severed an artery in his arm. Alone and unable to get help, he bled to death. No one knows the exact details but all are stunned that he is gone.

Let us pray for Peter and his family and all those who mourn his loss. We commend Peter into the arms of God to rest in peace forever. Touched by mercy and moved by love, Peter continues to bless us by the memory of his love and care for others. He made ordinary tasks seem special by his presence and care. Peter cared about others and his enthusiasm for life lives on as his legacy. Taken from us quickly, Peter joins the angels and saints; the heavenly choir which awaits us all. We thank God for Peter and will miss him.

Let us be vigilant and ready this Lent and use our precious gift of time to grow closer to God and one another, for love remains as the lasting gift. Let us give what we have received and continue to be grateful for all that God has given.

Lord, into your hands we commend our spirit, our life, our hopes and our dreams. All that we have is yours! Do with us what you will, until at last we are gathered, like Peter, into your heavenly embrace. Amen

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February 14, 2013, 2:08 am

A Holy and Most Blessed Lenten Season

Ash Wednesday 2013 - Vatican City - Pope Benedict XVI celebrated his last public Mass today! Millions of people all over the world are sharing their heartfelt prayers for his health and well-being as he prepares to step down as Pope. "We all love you so much and wish you continued blessings on your next phase of your journey on our behalf of all your children." - the ipraytoday prayer family

All the faithful of the Church and other religious denominations send their love and best wishes during these last days of your papacy.

Lord, we thank you for Pope Benedict's love, wisdom and legacy. Continue to bless him in the days ahead. Guide the College of Cardinals in their deliberations as they strive to choose a new Pope.

Mary, our Mother, be with your Pope and pray for all his children as we enter a new era of God's Church, God's destiny and God's mercy. Turn all to good and give us abiding grace during this time of transition.

Jesus, we trust in you to guide and bless our Lenten journey. Use everything we experience to draw us closer to you and to one another. May love prevail and hope endure as we face the future under your most holy gaze. Amen

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February 11, 2013, 9:49 pm

Pope Benedict XVI in Transition

The Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes 2013 - Let us pray for Pope Benedict XVI as he shares with the world of his forthcoming retirement from his Papal Office on February 28th due to declinging health. His lasting legacy of truth and insights for all the faithful will resound in our hearts forever. His writings, papal letters, homilies continue to ripple out like an endless pool of anointed wisdom, truth and heartfelt love, which penetrate our times as a voice of the Holy Spirit, ever new, ever profound, ever to be treasured!

Lord, make our hearts anew by the penetrating truth of the life and writings of Pope Benedict XVI! Anoint us as we have been anointed by his leadership and spiritual direction for so many years. Continue to bless us as he leads us from retirement by his works, presence and counsel. Amplify your voice in all that he shares and guide his successor as Peter our Rock and Fortress to continue the work you have started. Continue to whisper your love and mercy in all that is done in your name. We ask this through the intercession of John Paul II and all popes who have gone before as your Shepherd and Servant.

Our Lady of Lourdes pray for us and all our leaders, especially the Servant of the Servants of God, our Beloved Pope Benedict XVI and all our Church leaders, who have gone before us in the nmae of Jesus!

Jesus, we entrust our Church, our world and our souls to You. May your perfect will be done! Amen

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February 8, 2013, 8:43 pm

Carroll Brunelle, Age 60, Bethlehem, NH

Bethlehem, New Hampshire - A Bethlehem, New Hampshire man is in critical condition after a Snowmobiling accident.

The accident happened while he was snowmobiling in Bethlehem. Police say 60-year-old Carroll Brunelle was riding in a field when he hit a concrete wall. Police say he sustained severe bodily injury. He remains hospitalized at Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital.

Lord, restore Carroll to health. Surround him with your healing love. Bless his family and all those suffering from accidents this day. Give them the strength they need to make a full recovery.

Lord, increase our faith, give us persevering hope and unending charity as we strive to do your will each day. Holy Family of Nazareth, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray for us. Amen

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February 5, 2013, 7:40 pm

Tara Uselding, Age 7 and Family

CaringBridge - When 5-year-old Tara, an identical triplet and one of Scott and Shawna Useldings five children, had a tummy ache that wouldnt go away, her mom never imagined she'd would be diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a fast-growing form of childhood cancer.

Shawna reached out to CaringBridge and it allowed her to keep everyone updated and connected to Scott, who had moved to Colorado on orders as a major in the U.S. Air Force.

With Scott hours away and Tara going through treatment, Shawna was thankful for the support that CaringBridge provided.

CaringBridge was a godsend, Shawna says. We had friends and family who wanted constant updates on her. And it was impossible for us to talk to everybody. I dont know what we wouldve done without it.

Six months into Taras treatment, with a good prognosis, Shawna and the kids moved so their family could all be together again. Their CaringBridge site became even more important as it allowed them to feel the love and compassion of their community back home.

We had so much support from family and friends. Its been humbling to see how many people follow her and care about her.

CaringBridge is more helpful for her than actually meeting other people in the same situation, Shawna says. She definitely gets a kick out of reading all the messages left for her. She feels like a superstar with her own website.

Once she learned to write, Tara even wrote her own journal entries and replied to guestbook messages.

Tara, now 7, is in first grade and has been in remission for six months. She is doing phenomenal, Shawna says. She is defying the odds.

Lord, we pray for continued healing and support of Tara and her family and we thank you for her wellness this day. May it continue and extend into a long and most blessed life. Lord, we thank you for your merciful love that makes stories like the Uselding family possible. Jesus, we love you and trust in your mercy. Amen

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February 3, 2013, 1:30 am

World Day for Consecrated Life 2013

Vatican City - As we celebrate the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple, let us remember all vocations past, present and future. The Roman Catholic Church has dedicated this day as "World Day for Consecrated Life" to affirm existing vocations to religious life, encourage new vocations and highlight the important role religious and apostolic communities play in their service in the Church.

In a homily by Pope Benedict XVI invited all to be renewed in faith and truth as they continue their Pilgrimage in Spirit, as servants of the Church.

Lord, we thank you for the outpouring of vocations to religious life, past, present and future and we ask you to bless all those consecrated in your service with continued grace and blessings. We also ask for an increase in religious vocations and a continued outpouring of the gift of contemplation on all the faithful now and in the future. Gathering all devoted souls into your heart, bless them always with your divine provision and keep them safe from all harm or evil intent.

Raise up new saints in our day and bless the prayers of your anointed so that your holy will may be done in all souls in your service. Never let them be separated from You but with firm faith and hopeful fortitude may they continue to express your love and mercy to all those they serve. May their prayers draw all humankind closer to your mrciful heart. May all generations be blessed with your light, love and truth to finish what your Son has already given, eternal life in the here and now unto eternity. Amen

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