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Subject: Prayer request
Name: Gwen Yuill
E-mail: [email protected]
We gratefully request prayers for the following individuals this day of April 2, 2018:
Gayle Yamasaki, Laura Peterson, Christy Marek, Steve Rollwagen, Richard Groves, Anton Deehart, Joseph Knapp, George Friedt, Gary Bremault, William Tynchuk, Eith M., Charles William, Adolph Huculak, Agness Cox, Bertha Cameron, Consoria Arana, Gisele Brideau, Ignatius Sebastian, Joseph St. Mrie, Lorie McMillan, Jack Dueseault, Barbara K. Ganny Karpow, Stephanie Gillis, James Roberts, Charistophe P. Jerry Ebbinga, Sophie K. Claude roy, Noel Gibson, Annemarie Schlack, Otto Schlack, Landon Burt, Irenen A. Vincent T. Grove Adee, Caronl Adee, Vito, Emilio, Frank, George, Robert, Don, Joseph Slocum, Robert Goodin, James Heaton,Ralph O., Susumer Z., Jim smith, Tom Comerord, Kimball C. Robert M. Britten S. John B. Martin K. Andrew M. Joseph M. Richard Cole, Lew Richter, Tommy C. James H. Doin E. Les Thompson, Joseph Morris, Seymour B. Michael M. John Coe, Matt richter, Ellis Hummell, Michael Jones, Samul Jones, Donna Jones, Mike Powell, Steve Lund, Julianne, Cindy, Hanna, H.L., deaths in Syria,
With many blessings and thankfulness.
Sacred Art of Living
Bend, OR
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