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Welcome to our worldwide Prayer Sanctuary!

Join the most powerful silent movement of our times. We are an online prayer sanctuary that encourages unity and peace among all peoples, nations, religions and races. We promote mercy and compassion and strengthen faith, hope and charity by promoting prayer for the good of others. We believe that every moment is full of grace and an opportunity to do good by helping others. We seek to promote renewal and positive growth and healing of those it serves. We do little things with great love and conquer evil with good. Please join us and request prayers, offer prayers, spread the word and watch the power of prayer unfold.

Blessings on all Families

Feast of Joachim and Ann - Joachim and Ann were parents of Mary and grandparents of Jesus. They are a great example for all of us in providing spiritual direction for their child at an early age. Mary spent her early years in the temple learning about God and his law. They taught her to put God first in her life and to pray for God's guidance always.

In the spiritual life God plants seeds of holiness in a timely manner. Some people are aware of their call early and others discover God's providential plan later in life. Let us always remember we all have a call to be holy. Discovering and developing this call is what the spiritual life is all about. Daily attentiveness to the sacred within is the essence of prayer and holiness. It is encountering the presence of God, which shapes and transforms us into his real true presence. God gave us his Body and Blood in the Eucharist so that we might be transform and transfigured into his children.

Let us pray for all vocations to family and religious life; for an increase of faith, hope and charity and for God's protection, intervention and deliverance. May we know, love and serve God always. Prayer is the essence of our existence and our life-line to God. Let us honor this gift and thank God for our many blessings each and every day.

Lord, thank you for all parents and grandparents, who love and nurture your children. We ask you to bless all those who have helped us on a spiritual journey and were instruments of your providential care. We ask this through the intercession of Saint Joachim and Ann and the Holy family. Amen

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